The Good Eggs

Start with OVUM. Start with you.

Science is at the core of our products, but impact is at the heart of our business.

While robust science and up-to-date research is crucial to us, we never forget about the personal journeys of each and every one of our customers. Everyone at OVUM has experienced their own struggles with infertility, and we believe that our work is only as valuable as the impact we have on our community.

To make sure we’re staying close to your evolving needs, we’ve launched The Good Eggs: our customer advisory board made up of a group of women from the #ttc community.

What Do Good Eggs Do?

Good Eggs are essential to OVUM’s integrity and success. They:

  • Ensure we don't lose sight of our mission, to become the trusted source of independent information whichever stage you’re at.
  • Guide our new product development, from start to finish.
  • Create a protective space for those on the #ttc journey.
  • Help place women back at the heart of reproductive wellness and set the new global standard in fertility care.
  • Make sure our communications are relatable and relevant.
  • Feedback on everything we do as a brand.

Every 12 months, we rotate our Good Eggs and include a new group of those #ttc, to ensure a fresh perspective on our activities and shine a light into any blind spots.

Join the Good Eggs 

If you are currently on, or have been on a #ttc journey and you’re interested in helping us shape the future of OVUM, we’d love to hear from you. 

You don’t have to be an OVUM customer or have any specific credentials. 

Your authentic experience is all the qualification you need.

All we ask is that you are available to meet every three months via Zoom and review the information we send to you in advance. In return, you’ll get a substantial discount on our products.

Coming soon to OVUM so please keep checking back!