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Environmentally friendly

Made in the U.K



The OVUM Story

When OVUM CEO and founder Jenny Wordsworth was ready to start a family, she quickly learned there’s a lot more to getting pregnant than what we learned back in sex ed. Her own struggles led her to immerse herself in the science behind fertility, to give herself the best possible chance of conceiving.

Disappointment soon gave way to frustration when she discovered that many of the products on the market claiming to promote improved fertility didn’t contain active ingredients in the right doses to help fertility, or simply had no basis in credible science.

The manipulation tactics and scientific unreliability she encountered at such a vulnerable time fired her up to want better for women.

Teaming up with leading fertility doctors Dr Katherine Joseph and Dr Phoebe Howells, Jenny established OVUM to set a new standard in reproductive wellness. Our flagship fertility supplement is just the beginning. We may have started with the egg, but we’re constantly investing in new product development to help women at any stage of their conception journey. 

Our timeline


  • Time to Conceive® launched in the U.K

  • Formulation developed using data from over 550 clinical studies, based on best available evidence

  • Recommended on patient protocols in 14 private IVF clinics


  • Sold out eight times

  • Partnership with IVF Coach Alice Rose

  • rePurpose Plastic Negative certification


  • Launched the first fully recyclable pregnancy tests. The first to include immediate support in event of a negative test result

  • First fertility brand to achieve the Patient Information Forum certification and seal of approval

  • B Corp accreditation pending

  • Recommended on patient protocols and a further 7 private IVF clinics


  • Launched our new brand and website (and nearly became team broken)

  • Achieved our B Corp accreditation with a whopping score of 91.7 (to become certified, you must achieve at least 80 points in the assessment)

  • Launched into over 340 Sainsbury's stores in the U.K

  • Added a new meditation by Alice Rose for 'what to do if you get a positive pregnancy test' to increase the level of support we offer for anyone taking a pregnancy test

Our Values

Created by Women

Our own struggles with fertility opened our eyes to the bewildering market for products claiming to support conception.

When we started our own journeys to conceive, we just needed straightforward, practical information without false promises. Seeing how current prenatal, conception, and fertility products fall short, we're determined to set a new standard.

Designed by Doctors

OVUM is created by women and doctors with deep insight into the challenges of fertility. We understand that the path to fertility isn't always a straight one, which is why we're dedicated to providing science-backed advice, guidance and support at every step of your journey towards conception. 

Ethical to the core

While many companies talk about ethical business practices, we put our money where our mouth is. We allocate 20% of our profits to support independent research on infertility causes and fertility awareness campaigns. We make the outcomes of this research accessible to everyone to deepen our understanding of fertility as a society. As a customer, you're part of this important work too.

Our Promise

Science, not sales tactics.

With OVUM, you will never feel:

  • Oversold: We don’t make exaggerated or obfuscated claims that can’t be backed up.
  • Manipulated: We never prey on the feelings of our customers to drive sales.
  • Patronised: Our role is to share information and guide you to the right product for your needs, while trusting your own intelligence and research.

Sustainability at the heart.

From recyclable packaging to responsibly-sourced ingredients, to local manufacturing facilities, to being landfill negative - it’s all designed to have the greatest impact on you and the least impact on the planet. Our products are 100% BPA-plastic and phthalate free and always will be.

A Force For Good

We're a certified B Corp, dedicated to using business as a force for good and we’ve also earned the rePurpose Plastic Negative certification. These certifications hold us accountable for our values, employee relations, ingredient sourcing and more, and emphasise our commitment to building a business that benefits both people and the planet.

Meet the Team


Jenny Wordsworth

Jenny left her career as a lawyer to establish OVUM, following her own frustrating experiences with the fertility industry. Jenny understands how vulnerable trying to conceive can make you feel, which is why she's so protective of others in the same boat. Her mission is to provide evidence-based advice to every woman on their individual conception journey. Outside of work, Jenny is an endurance sports athlete - you'll find her doing ultramarathons, tackling big mountains or cross-country skiing.


Dr. Phoebe Howells

Phoebe, a doctor since 2012, has a decade of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology focusing on fertility. Her dedication led to a clinical fellowship in Reproductive Medicine at a top London fertility clinic. She's authored articles, shared insights at global conferences, and contributed to fertility trials for women with adenomyosis. Phoebe's all about crafting tailored, evidence-based care and achieving the best results for struggling couples. While working in London, she enjoys the countryside life in Kent.


Dr. Katherine Joseph

Katherine, a qualified GP since 2014, found her passion for fertility and women's health while training in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. As a GP, she deeply empathised with couples facing conception challenges and unequal access to fertility services. Eager to enhance her expertise, she earned the DRCOG diploma from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2014. Now based in Los Angeles, she is motivated by the varying fertility treatment accessibility within a complex healthcare system. Her mission remains clear: offering evidence-based healthcare and emotional support to all women navigating the journey of conception.

Chief Marketing Officer

Rhiannon Davis

Rhiannon has a background in Psychology and + 5 years in the start up world, the last of which was an extreme high-growth supplements brand building out the Ecommerce function, and the first of which involved helping on a cheesy pitch to Dragons' Den (securing the first investment from Steven Bartlett). Rhiannon is passionate about adopting a female centric approach to healthcare. Outside of work, Rhiannon joins Jenny in loving the outdoors, swimming, running and hiking.